Educational Resources

Description of the Centres

Childcare Centres are the Installations of Non Profit Corporations that holds Operation Permit from Kativik Regional Government.

Childcare Centre’s are administered by an Elected Board of Directors. Majority of two-thirds are Board Members, in which the parents of children who attend the Centre.

Childcare Centres are equipped with rooms that are following the Ratio Regulations which are indicated on the Permit.

According to the size of the building the ratio is determined and shows on the Permit of the Centre with these important content:

  • 1 Educator has to have 5 babies’ aged 3-17months under her care.
  • 1 Educator has to have 8 children aged 18-60 months under her care.

But following the abilities of the educators the Board of Directors make decisions as to how many children they will care for but still aiming to reach the goal.