Nutrition Policy

Heathy Eating

  1. Children are served nutritious breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks.
  2. Country food will be served as often as possible, ideally twice a week.
  3. Foods high in sugar, fat or salt are not consumed at the Childcare centre except for special events.
  4. Menu is the same for all children and adapted according to the age of the child.
  5. Children control how much they eat and are encouraged to eat by themselves.
  6. Children are not permitted to bring beverages or foods from home without a special permission from the centre.


  1. Water is the main beverage and is always made available to children in all rooms at the centre.


  1. Mothers are welcomed at the centre if they want to breastfeed their children.
  2. Under 1 year of age, infant will be served breast milk and or infant formula provided by parents.
  3. After one 1 year of age, 3.25% milk will be served to the children. Breast milk can continue to be offered 2 years old and beyond.
  4. After 1 year of age, the maximum amount of milk (or formula) served is 1 ½ cups (12 ounces) per child per day.


  1. 100% pure fruit juice is only served once a month on the menu for a maximum serving size of half a cup per child. No other sugary drinks are allowed.

Bottles and sippy Cups

  1. Bottles are allowed only for infants under 18 months old.
  2. Bottles and sippy cups are not allowed at nap time.
  3. At 1 year of age children can drink from open cup without assistance. Open cups are encouraged, but sippy cups are allowed until 24 months.

Allergies and special diets

  1. Menus for children with special diets will be dealt with individually, as the need arises.
  2. If a child has been diagnosed with food allergies, ensure that staff members get all clarification they need before the child starts to attend the childcare centre.
  3. For an allergic child attending the centre, a commitment from his/her parents is needed to sensitize staff, children and their families to remain constantly vigilant around their allergic child.

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