Educators from childcare centres around Nunavik attended three days of training organized by the KRG Childcare Section in Kuujjuaq on March 20-22, 2018. Each of the three days offered a unique focus. On Tuesday, Amy Ali of the Crisis Prevention Institute delivered her organization’s Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training. On Wednesday, Mary-Joanne Kaukai conducted a decolonization experiential workshop and invited participants to share their experiences and stories as Inuit women and educators. Finally, on Thursday, Patrick Evans and Victor Bernaudon of the Université du Québec à Montréal presented the new Sanannguagait building blocks designed for Nunavik children.

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On Monday, February 12, 2018, directors of the 14 childcare centres from across Nunavik were in Kuujjuaq for the start of the community-based training program entitled Management of Childcare Centres. A total of 22 participants attended the first week of the program. The program will enable the centre directors to learn more about communication, leadership, their role as managers, and how to better express Inuit culture in a childcare centre setting.

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The program is scheduled to take a little less than two years to complete with one week of training delivered every six weeks. Each one-week session will be organized in a different community. Successful participants at the end of the program will be granted a college-degree diploma.

The Management of Childcare Centres training program was developed by the CEGEP de Saint-Félicien with the support of many partners, including the Kativik Regional Government, the Kativik Ilisarniliriniq, the Cree Nation Government, and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission.

At a meeting on Monday, December 4, 2017, Julie-Ann Berthe and Maryse Turcot of the KRG Childcare Section submitted to the Minister of Families, Luc Fortin, the KRG brief on Bill 143, An Act to Improve the Educational Quality and Foster the Harmonious Development of Educational Childcare Services. The discussions permitted the KRG representatives to explain the organization’s feedback and recommendations. For his part, the Minister confirmed that:

  • The KRG will be consulted on measurement tools to be used in Nunavik childcare centres to assess and improve the educational quality of childcare;
  • The KRG may apply to have its regional educational program officially recognized in order to foster the successful transition of children from childcare to school;
  • Aboriginal communities will be exempt from dispositions under the Educational Childcare Act regarding single-window access;
  • Non-recognized home childcare providers will be permitted to continue offering services to up to six children subject to section 6.1 of the amended Act.

Throughout the meeting, the Minister demonstrated a keen interest in and openness to the services delivered by childcare centres in Nunavik. The KRG representatives invited the Minister to visit Nunavik in order to learn more.

Consult the KRG brief on Bill 143 (PDF).

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This summer, a total of 25 childcare educators in Ivujivik, Inukjuak and Kuujjuaq received their attestation of college studies in Educators in Native and Inuit Childcare Services. Congratulations to all graduates! 

Locally organized training for Inuktitut childcare educators is a continuing priority of the KRG Childcare Section. This new attestation of college studies program is delivered in cooperation with the CEGEP de Saint-Félicien and allows educators to continue working while receiving training, benefiting both childcare centres and their staff. Successful graduation from the program provides formal recognition to participants as certified educators in Québec.

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Kuujjuaq: (from left to right) Larissa Annahatak, Louisa Saunders, Jessie Angma, Shanna Gordon, Mary Saunders, Sheila Berthe, Leanna Greig, Vinnie Sequaluk, Pasha Munick-Deneault, Sheba Saunders, Sarah Parceaud-May and Sandra Shields.

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Ivujivik: (from left to right) Lucy Iqaituk, Ruta Mangiuk, Susan Matt-Qiluq, Lydia Okituk, Joyce Cooke (teacher), Maggie Usuarjuk, Martha Usuarjuk and Rhoda Okituk.

09 05 Educator graduates news Inukjuak

Inukjuak: (from left to right) Sarah Samisack, Maaji Putulik (teacher), Elisapie Napartuk, Alice Oweetaluktuk, Marlene Tuckatuck, Daina Iqaluk-Tuckatuck and Elisapie Weetaluktuk.

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The annual training meeting for childcare centre directors was held from February 27 to March 3, 2017, in Kuujjuaq at the main office of the Kativik Regional Government. All 19 facility directors from the 14 communities, plus one parent board member, were in attendance. A variety of activities were organized including a workshop delivered by Mary Joanne Kauki on decolonization and lateral violence.